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Response: sexual health survey finds young people are more likely to have sex in unsafe or unprotected conditions

A recent sexual health survey has found that young people are more likely to have sex in unsafe and unprotected conditions.

The survey, conducted by the HIV charity AVERT, found that one in five people aged 18 to 24 have had sex in a dangerous or risky environment, such as being drunk or high, or without using contraception.

This is compared with one in ten adults aged 25 to 44, and one in twenty-five people aged 45 or over.

The researchers say that this may be because young people are more likely to experiment sexually, and are more likely to be using unsafe sex practices.

They also suggest that young people may be more likely to have sex with people who are also at risk, such as sex workers or people who use drugs.

Commenting on the survey, AVERT spokesperson Joe Harman said: “This research shows that young people are putting their health and safety at risk by engaging in risky sex.

“We need to do more to help young people stay safe and avoid risky sex, and to raise awareness of the risks so that they can make informed choices about their sexual behaviour.”

The survey was conducted among 1,011 adults in GB between 22nd and 24th March.