Prompt: Create a unique story that has no ending and build upon itself.

The story begins with a young girl, just entering adulthood, walking through the forest. She is looking for something, anything, to take her mind off her problems. After walking for hours she comes across a small clearing, and in the middle of it is a small pond. She walks over to the pond and looks down at the water. Suddenly, she sees a reflection of herself in the water, and she is startled. She doesn’t know what to think, but she decides to walk away.

She spends the next few days walking through the forest, trying to find the clearing again. Every time she comes close, she can’t seem to find it. Eventually she gives up and returns home.

A few weeks later, she is walking through the forest again, when she sees the clearing again. She walks over to it and sees the same reflection of herself in the water. She is surprised, and decides to walk closer. As she gets closer, she sees that the reflection is moving. When she gets close enough, she sees that it is the girl from the first time she saw the pond. She looks at her, and the girl looks back at her. They stare at each other for a few minutes, and then the girl slowly disappears. The girl looks around the clearing, and then she walks away.

The girl spends the rest of her days walking through the forest, seeing the girl from the pond every time she walks by. Eventually, she realises that the girl is following her. She doesn’t know what to do, but she decides to confront the girl. When she gets close enough, she sees that the girl is young, and she has sad eyes. She asks the girl what she is doing there, and the girl says that she is looking for someone. The girl tells the girl that she is the someone, and then she disappears. The girl is startled, but she is happy. She knows that she can never forget the girl, and she will always remember her.