Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

A man was cleaning up his yard on a Sunday morning when he discovered a strange portal. He stepped through and found himself in a wonderful world outside of time and space. The man explored the world for a while and then came across a village of people who were very friendly and welcoming. The man was happy to be among them and decided to stay. Over time, the man grew to love the village and the people there. He began to feel like he belonged and was truly happy. One day, the man went exploring again and found another portal. This time, he stepped through and found himself in a different world, one full of danger and adventure. The man decided to explore this world more and eventually found himself in a fight against a giant dragon. The man was successful in defeating the dragon and returned to the village, happy to have finally completed his adventures. The man felt like he had found a new home in the village and was happy to stay.