Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Dave had always been an avid reader, but he had never imagined his wildest dreams could come true. One day, while browsing the grocery store tabloid bin, Dave found an old,copy of The Chronicles of Narnia. Intrigued, he bought and read the book that night. The next day, he discovered a portal in his backyard. Excited, Dave went through and found himself in a fantastical world full of talking animals, fantastical landscapes, and magical creatures. Every day, Dave found new secrets and adventure through the portal. Eventually, he met a princess and fell in love with her. The two of them started a journey to find the seven keys to unlock the door to the magical world. They finally found the keys and returned home to Dave’s backyard portal. Dave would go back through the portal every day to visit his new and imaginary friends.