Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

It was early morning when Steve opened his front door and stepped outside. He always liked exploring the suburban neighborhoods before the rest of the world woke up, and today was no different.

He made his way down the street, enjoying the cool morning air. As he turned the corner, he saw something he couldn’t believe. A large, shiny portal was sitting in his front yard!

Steve approached the portal cautiously, unsure of what it could do. But as he got closer, he could see it was some kind of magical doorway. He knew he had to try it out.

He stepped through the portal and found himself in a new, fascinating world. He saw vast fields with rolling hills in the distance, and beautiful rivers running through them. He also saw strange creatures walking around, and heard beautiful singing in the air.

This was definitely a place Steve wanted to stay. He walked around for hours, exploring every corner of the magical land.

Eventually, he came back home and told his friends about the portal. They were all amazed and couldn’t believe he had found it. They all wished they had found it first, and started planning their trips to the magical world.

Eventually, Steve forgot all about the portal and life in the suburban neighborhood. But every now and then, he would find himself dreaming about the wonderful world he had explored in the past.