Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Logan had always been interested in the paranormal, but he never thought he’d find anything as incredible as he did when he stumbled upon a strange portal. After exploring it for a while, he realized that he could walk through it and end up anyplace he wanted. He quickly realized that this could be a huge advantage in his career as a detective, so he started using the portal to travel to different crime scenes. He was able to solve cases faster and more efficiently than ever before. But, as he was about to step through the portal for the last time, he met a beautiful woman who urged him not to go. She told him that if he ever used the portal again, he would be trapped in a never-ending cycle of travel. Logan was tempted, but he decided to leave the portal untouched. He knows that he won’t go back, but he’ll always remember the beautiful woman who showed him the way out.