Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal
Response: to a parallel universe

Samuel had been dreaming about this portal his entire life. Finally, he found it while cleaning his attic. Excited, he inspected the door carefully, making sure it was real. Then, with a deep breath, he stepped through.

He was in a beautiful world, with purple, pink, and blue sky. Tall trees lined the river that ran through the landscape. The air was cool and refreshing, and the sound of the waterfall was soothing.

He walked down the path, admiring the sights and sounds of this world. As he approached a tiny pond, he saw a woman with long, flowing hair sitting on a bench. She smiled at him and he felt a jolt of electricity run through him.

He approached her and they sat together, talking for hours. She showed him a magic tree that could grant any wish he wanted. He thought about his family and kids he hadn’t been able to see. Then, he made his wish.

He woke up from the dream feeling more energized than he had in years. The portal was real, and this was his new home.