Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

As he trudged through the snow, Tom noticed a strange, blinking light in the distance. After a few more minutes of hiking, he finally reached the light, and found himself in front of a strange portal. He stepped through, and found himself in a different world.

The first thing he noticed were the stunningly beautiful sunsets. The next thing he noticed was the friendly inhabitants of the world. They were kind and welcoming, and he felt like he had known them all his life.

The next day, Tom decided to explore this magical world a little more. He found himself in different towns and villages, and even met different characters along the way. One of these characters was a old wizard who taught Tom how to use his magic.

The more Tom explored this world, the more he felt like he had finally found his home. He made new friends and relationships, and he was finally happy. He knew that he never wanted to leave this beautiful world, and he was never going to forget his friends and family back home.