Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Tommy had always been a skeptical man. He had seen too many movies and TV shows where the characters find themselves in magical worlds where they become powerful heroes. He wasn’t interested in becoming a hero. He was content living in the real world, where the problems were real and the answers were often difficult to find.

But one day, Tommy’s scepticism was put to the test when he discovered a strange portal in his backyard. He stepped through it and found himself in a different world. In this world, everything was beautiful and perfect. There was no pain or suffering, and the people were happy and smiling.

Tommy was sceptical at first, but he began to believe in this world and became friends with the people there. He even decided to stay and live there forever. But one day, Tommy’s scepticism returned and he returned to the real world. He never told his friends about the magical world he had visited.