Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

John was just about to go to bed when he heard a strange noise coming from his attic. He investigated and found a small hole in the ceiling. Upon closer inspection, he found that the hole led to a small, dark room. John’s curiosity was piqued, so he decided to venture inside. As he entered the room, he felt a strange energy run through him. He discovered that the room was filled with a portal that led to another world. John entered the portal and found himself in a beautiful forest. He saw a beautiful woman walking by, and he decided to follow her. As he walked behind her, he felt a warmth spread through his body, and he soon discovered that he had become enchanted by the woman. He continued to follow her through the portal, and he soon found himself in a different world. In this world, John was a hero who had to fight against an evil sorcerer. John fought bravely and eventually defeated the sorcerer, liberating the world from his tyranny. John was incredibly grateful to the woman for showing him this wonderful world, and he decided to stay in this world forever.