Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

The wind howled as it whipped through the opening in the tree canopy, bringing with it a cold that numbed the skin. The man shivered, his coat scraping against the rough bark. He was cold, and he was tired. He had been out looking for a lost cat all day, and he was about to give up.

Suddenly, a light shone ahead of him, and he quickened his pace. As he reached the edge of the light, he saw the portal. It was a beautiful sight, and he knew that it was meant for him. He stepped through, and he was immediately weightless.

He sailed through the portal, and he could see beautiful landscapes below him. He could see castles and lush valleys, and he knew that he had found his new home. He would stay here forever, and he would never have to worry about the cold or the fatigue ever again.