Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Jeffrey was a skeptic by nature, so when he discovered a strange portal in his basement one day, he was skeptical. But when he stepped through, he found himself in a world unlike anything he’d ever seen before.

The first thing Jeffrey noticed was the towering mountains in the distance. They appeared to be made out of pure light, and Jeffrey couldn’t help but feel awe at their beauty.

As he walked further into the portal, Jeffrey found himself surrounded by strange creatures. There were giants, and dragons, and unicorns, and Jeffrey was astonished by everything he saw.

He continued to walk through the portal, and soon he found himself in a different world entirely. Here, there were no mountains, only mountains of gold.

And Jeffrey was even more amazed when he found a city made entirely of diamonds. He spent hours wandering around, exploring everything he could.

But even the most amazing thing of all was when he found a portal that led back into his own world. Jeffrey felt weightless as he stepped through, and he knew he would never forget the time he spent in the magical world of the portal.