Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

David was walking through the woods, enjoying the cool autumn air. Suddenly, he noticed a strange light in the distance. He followed the light until he came to a small opening in the trees. Inside he found a portal, and when he stepped through, he found himself in a surreal world. He was surrounded by crystals and gems, and there was a beautiful woman standing before him. She introduced herself as Dianna, and she told David that he had found his way to the magical world of Elysium. Dianna told David that he could stay in the world if he wanted, but he had to find a way to return home. David decided to stay in the world for awhile, and he spent the next few weeks exploring the different areas of Elysium. one day, he happened to find a path that led back to the real world. He was a little uncertain about how he was going to make the journey back, but he decided to try. He stepped through the portal and found himself back in the woods, blinking in surprise at the sudden change. He had no idea how he had made the journey, but he was glad he had.