Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Terry Bradbury was always a curious boy. As a child, he would explore the forests near his home, looking for any old abandoned structures or caves he could find. One day, while Terry was exploring a very remote cave, he discovered a strange, magical portal. Inside, he found a treasury of ancient treasures, including a treasure chest filled with gold coins.

Terry couldn’t believe his luck. He quickly loaded his pick up truck with all the treasure he could carry and took off through the portal. As he left, he whispered a secret password to himself. If he ever were to find the portal again, he would know how to open it.

Thirty years later, Terry was driving his old truck down a lonely road when he saw the familiar portal. He remembered the password he had used back in the days when he was a kid, and seconds later he was inside the treasury once again. This time, he didn’t hesitate to grab as much treasure as he could carry.

As he drove back through the portal, Terry couldn’t help but smile. He was finally able to put all his old memories and treasures from his childhood to rest. And he knew he would never forget the secret password he had used to find the portal again.