Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Francis had always been interested in the world beyond. He’d read about hidden cliffs, deep valleys, and raging rivers in his favourite books as a child, and had dreamed of journeying to these remote places himself one day.

One day, while out hiking, Francis stumbled upon a strange, dark cave. As he walked deeper inside, he noticed a strange portal hovering in the air above him. Intrigued, Francis walked towards it. As he got closer, he could see a vivid, colourful world beyond the portal.

Francis was transported into this world, and found himself in the center of a magical kingdom. He was surrounded by beautiful, living creatures, and was filled with excitement at the prospect of exploring this new place.

As Francis explored the kingdom, he began to realise that this world was not as it seemed. The animals here were not friendly, and the kingdom was in grave danger. Francis quickly realised that he must find a way back to his world before it was too late.

Luckily, Francis had a magical necklace that allowed him to travel between the two worlds. He quickly returned to his own, and warned everyone about the dangers of the kingdom before disappearing again.

This kingdom may have been hidden, but Francis had opened a portal to let others explore it too. What awaited them in the hidden world? Only time will tell…