Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

At thirty-four years old, John was on the cusp of a successful career as an accountant. He loved his work, but he also loved spending time with his wife and two young children. One day, he had an accident at work that put him out of commission for a few weeks. When he finally returned to work, he found a pile of new invoices on his desk. He quickly realized that his clients must have found another accountant to take his place.

Desperate to make things right, John searched for a way to get in touch with his clients. He Eventually found a number for his old clients, but when he called, all he received was automated messages. Desperate and frustrated, John decided to give up. That is, until he stumbled upon a portal that led to a different world.

John quickly realized that this world was unlike anything he had ever seen. The landscape was dotted with giant trees, and the sky was a deep blue. John walked for hours, exploring the magic of the land. Eventually, he came across a giant, glowing portal.

As he stood before it, John had a sudden realization. This was his chance to make things right with his old clients. He stepped through the portal, and found himself in front of their office. He quickly explained the situation, and the clients were understanding and forgiving.

John’s successful career is a testament to the power of magic.