Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Jeff had always been a skeptic. He had seen too many things in his life that couldn’t be explained as coincidence. A portal had been discovered on a recent hiking expedition, and Jeff was intrigued. He had always had a fascination with the supernatural, so he decided to investigate.

As he reached for the handle of the portal, Jeff noticed a bright light shining from within. When he touched the light, he was transported into the other dimension. There he found a beautiful garden filled with exciting new creatures. Jeff was soon swept up in the adventure and found himself in the middle of a fight for survival.

But Jeff wasn’t the only one searching for the portal. Another man had been following Jeff’s trail and had also discovered the portal. The two men fought for control of the portal, but in the end, it was Jeff who emerged victorious.

Now that he had experience both sides of the portal, Jeff was even more intrigued. He wanted to explore the other dimension more, and find out what secrets it held.