Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Frank went out for a run one morning and when he returned home, he found a curious thing. There was a big hole in his living room, and standing in front of it was a small, wizard-like man. The man told Frank that he had found a portal that would take him to different universes. Frank decided to go through the portal, and when he arrived in the other universe, he found himself in a fantastical land. There were castles and dragons and otherworldly creatures everywhere. Frank spent hours exploring the different areas of the land, and when he finally returned home, he had a huge excitement in his eyes. He told his friends and family about his adventure, and they all urged him to go back and explore the land further. Frank was reluctant at first, but he eventually decided to go back through the portal. When he arrived in the other universe, he found that the portal had disappeared, leaving him stranded in the magical land. Now, Frank is a regular visitor to the land, and he always brings someone with him to help explore it further.