Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Mark, a middle-aged man, was at his wits end. His wife had recently left him for another man, and his two kids were starting to act out. He was at his lowest ebb, and a friend recommended he try out a new meditation group.

As he was walking out of the building, he noticed a strange portal in the pavement. Curiosity got the better of him, so he walked through. He found himself in a strange place, with strange creatures all around him. He tried to run, but he found himself stuck on the other side of the portal.

He was terrified as he realised he was stuck there for good. He tried to summon help, but everything he said just sounded strange to the creatures. He sat down and started to cry, when he saw a woman walking towards him.

Her eyes were a different colour than anyone he had ever seen before, and she had the most gentle smile he had ever seen. She asked him what was wrong, and hetold her his entire story.

She told him that this was his new home, and that everything would be alright. She explained that the portal was a gateway to the magical world, and that he was now a part of it. She gave him a necklace, and told him that it would help him connect with the magical creatures.

From then on, Mark lived a peaceful life. He would visit the magical world every day, and he would be able to talk to the creatures without fear. He was happy again, and he knew that he would never be alone again.