Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

This was not the first time that Jack had seen the portal. He had seen it countless times when he was younger, before his parents had died in a car accident. Whenever he saw it, a strange feeling would take over him and he would start to feel a sense of euphoria. The portal would beckon to him and he would feel like he had to go through it.

Tonight, however, was different. Tonight, Jack felt a sense of urgency. He didn’t know why, but he felt like he had to go through the portal. He started to walk towards it, but then he stopped. What if he got stuck in the other world? What would he do then?

He decided to go through the portal anyways. He had a feeling that it would lead to a better place.

As he stepped through the portal, he felt a sense of complete peace. He was in a beautiful landscape, surrounded by trees and flowers. He felt like he had finally found his place in the world. He knew that this was the world that he was supposed to be in.

The portal closed behind him and he was suddenly back in his apartment. He felt completely drained, like he had just gone through a battle. He had no idea what had just happened, but he knew that he had to find out.