Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Jack discovered a magical portal one day while exploring the forest near his home. After entering, he found himself in a strange, new world. He was amazed by the beautiful sights and sounds of the strange place, and felt a sense of excitement in his heart. After exploring for a while, he came across a large, imposing castle. The gates were closed, but he could see the outline of soldiers in the courtyard.

He decided to enter the castle, despite the warnings of the soldiers. After scaling the seemingly impenetrable walls, he made his way into the courtyard. There, he was surrounded by the dragons of the castle, who were about to eat him alive.Suddenly, a figure appeared in the sky and flew down to confront the dragon. It was a woman with wings, and she called out to the dragon in a commanding voice. The dragon stopped attacking Jack, and the woman led it away.

Jack was astounded by what he had seen. He had never before seen anything like this place, and he was determined to find out more about it. He returned to the portal every day, learning more and more about this ancient and mysterious world. Eventually, he found himself a loyal servant of the queen of the kingdom, and he spent his days exploring the many new and wondrous places this world had to offer.