Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

For as long as he could remember, Jeff had been fascinated by magic. He had always loved the idea of being able to do something that seemed impossible to the average person.

So, when he was younger, he would often sneak out of bed in the middle of the night to explore the old ruins close to his home. It was there that he discovered a hidden portal that led to a world of wizards and witches.

As he grew older, Jeff became fascinated by the idea of magick. He would spend hours reading about the mysteries of the magicks and how to use them.

One day, while he was exploring a different part of the ruins, he found another Portal hidden among the stones. When he stepped through, he found himself in a forgotten kingdom full of magic.

There, he met a young girl named Rose who had been lost in the kingdom for years. Together, they ventured through the kingdom, seeking out adventures and learning about magick.

Eventually, they discovered a powerful magical artifact known as the Key of Solomon. Using it, they were able to banish the evil that had been plaguing the kingdom for years.

Though the journey had been perilous at times, Jeff had learned a great deal about magick and how to use it. He now lives happily ever after, continuing to use his magic to help others in need.