Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal
Response: to another world

Jeffery had always been a bit of a skeptic. He never believed in ghosts, monsters, or magical portals. But when he was driving home from work one day, he saw something that made him change his mind. He saw a large, bright light ahead of him and as he got closer, he realized the light was coming from a large portal. He stopped his car and got out to look. But as he got closer, he realized the portal was not the only thing that was magical. The ground around it was covered in soft blue grass and there was a beautiful tree in the center of the portal. Jeffrey was amazed and decided to go through the portal. As he stepped through, he was transported to another world. He was alone in this world and he had to find his way back home. As he walked through the forest, he heard a voice calling his name. He turned to see a beautiful woman walking towards him. She introduced herself as Gaea and told him that she was the goddess of this world. She explained to him that this world was known as Gaia and that it was the place where the gods lived. Jeffrey was amazed and excited and decided to stay. He made a home for himself in the forest and started to learn more about this world. He soon realized that this world was very different from his own. For one, there were no cars or buildings. Instead, the people here relied on horses and chariots to get around. And the biggest difference of all was the people. Jeffrey found that the people here were kind and gentle. They were always happy and seemed to have a good sense of humor. Gaea explained to him that this was because the gods here were the embodiment of happiness. Jeffery was shocked and amazed by everything he was learning and he was soon happy living in this magical world.