Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Johnny was a down-to-earth guy, content with his simple life. He loved spending time outdoors, hunting and fishing with his friends. One day, he was out fishing in the river when he caught a large trout. As he was reeling it in, he saw a strange light in the water. He decided to check it out and found himself in a magical portal.

Johnny was overwhelmed by the beauty of the scene before him. He saw a fantastical world of forests, meadows, and rivers. He found himself in the company of friendly creatures, including a unicorn, a dragon, and a fairy. The portal led to other worlds, and Johnny explored them all.

One day, he arrived at a world ruled by a tyrannical king. Johnny found himself in a battle against the king’s forces, but he was eventually victorious. The grateful people of the world presented Johnny with a beautiful crown and named him their new king. Johnny’s simple life changed forever, and he started to enjoy life to the fullest.