Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Timothy had always been fascinated by the strange things that happened in the forest. His childhood friends would often talk about the spooky things they had seen or heard in the woods, but Timothy never took them seriously. He was certain there was nothing out there but trees, water, and wildlife.

That all changed one summer day when he was 13. Timothy was out hiking with his friends, when they came across a strange, half-hidden hole in the earth. They were all excited to find something new, so they all went down into the hole.

As they descended, Timothy grew increasingly uneasy. He could hear something echoing through the woods, like something was following them. When they reached the bottom of the hole, Timothy could see a strange light ahead of them. He had heard stories of magical portals, and he knew this was it.

He walked towards the light, and before he knew it, he was through. He was in a strange, new world. The light was coming from a large, portal-shaped object in the center of the room.

Timothy couldn’t believe his eyes. He was in a magical world, full of strange creatures and strange buildings. He walked around for hours, exploring the strange place. Eventually, he came across a large, imposing door. He knew he had to try and get through it.

He tried the door, but it was locked. He began to panic. What if he was stuck in this strange place forever? He began to cry, but then he remembered his friends back in the real world. He had to find them, no matter what.

He began to explore the other parts of the building, but he was quickly running out of energy. He was about to give up when he discovered a strange chamber with a large pool in it. He went in and found that it was filled with energy. The more he drank, the more energy he felt.

He was about to leave when he heard someone coming. He turned around, and there was his old friend, John. They had never been more surprised in their lives. John told Timothy that he had been in the same place as him, but he had been kidnapped by some strange creatures and taken to another part of the magical world.

Timothy was relieved. He had finally found his way home.