Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Todd had always been fascinated by the idea of magic. As a child, he would watch movies like The Wizard of Oz and The Lord of the Rings and dream of being able to one day use his powers to save the world.

As he grew older, he began to realize that his dreams might not be as impossible as he once thought. One day, while looking for a new job, he stumbled upon an online advertisement for a traveling show. The show was called “The Portal.”

The Portal was a magic show that took place in different dimensions. The organizer, Mister Gray, claimed that by entering the show, contestants could win any prize they desired.

Todd was sceptical at first, but he decided to try the show out for himself. Mister Gray was right; within seconds of entering the show, Todd had won a new car. He was so excited that he decided to stay for the rest of the show.

As the show continued, Todd discovered that he had a talent for magic. He was able to perform tricks that he never thought possible.

The final show of the night was a special magic show. Mister Gray had promised that the winner of the show would receive anything they wanted.

As the show began, Todd was nervous. He had never performed in front of an audience before. But as he performed his final trick, he knew that he had succeeded.

The audience erupted into applause and Todd felt like a true magician. He had discovered the secret to becoming a success: entrust your dreams to the magical portal of “The Portal.”