Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Russ was unemployed for almost a year and had been living off of savings. He was at his wit’s end when he discovered a portal that led to a world of unlimited wealth. He entered the portal and was whisked away to a secret location. He was given a bag of money and instructions to return every day and collect more money. Russ was excited to find this portal and made sure to return each day. After a few weeks, he realized that the bag of money he was given was always the same and he wasn’t making any money. He began to worry and decided to ask someone how to exit the portal. He was told to go to a specific building and ask for directions. Russ found the building and went inside. He was told to wait inside a room and someone would come and get him. After a few minutes, a man came and led him back out to the portal. Russ was disappointed that he didn’t make any more money. He decided to keep going to the portal and hope that he would eventually make more money.