Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

John was always a bit of a skeptic. He never believed in monsters or monsters under the bed. He was always sure that there was nothing out there that could scare him. But when he was out walking one day, he happened to stumble across a strange portal. He was drawn to it, and before he knew it, he was through.

When he emerged on the other side, he was in a strange place. There were giant trees towering over him, and a river flowed by. But what really caught his attention was the portal. It was glowing a beautiful blue, and he could feel a magical energy emanating from it.

John didn’t hesitate. He walked over to the portal and touched it. Instantly, he was pulled through. He flew through the air, and before he knew it, he was landing in a grand hall. There was a beautiful woman standing before him, and he could feel the magic emanating from her.

John was in disbelief. This was definitely not what he was expecting. But he was determined to find out more. He followed the woman through the portal, and before he knew it, he was in a different world.

This world was full of magic. The colors were brighter than anything John had ever seen, and the air was charg with energy. John could feel the magic in the air, and he knew that he had found his place. He was home now.