Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Matthew had always been drawn to the mystical. As a child, he would spend hours lost in dark corners of the house, hunting for hidden doorways that led to secret chambers. As an adult, he continued to explore the world of the paranormal, spending hours on Google researching alternative states of reality.

One day, while perusing online forums about magical portals, he discovered a post about a strange portal that had recently appeared in rural Pennsylvania. The portal was said to lead to a place where people could experience true magic.Excited at the prospect of discovering a new realm of exploration, Matthew quickly made arrangements to travel to Pennsylvania.

When he arrived at the portal, he was overwhelmed with a sense of wonder. He walked through the gateway, and found himself in a strange, otherworldly landscape. There was a beautiful lake in the center of the scene, and the sun was shining brightly in the sky.

As he walked around the lake, he discovered that he could transform into any animal he wanted. He flew overhead, soaring through the air like a bird. He galloped across the prairie, feeling the wind on his face.

It was an amazing experience, and Matthew quickly realized that he had found his new realm of exploration. He would visit the portal every day, exploring new parts of the magical landscape.