Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal


Larry was a typical man, just like the others walking through the city streets. He had a job, a flat, and ordinary friends. He had no idea of the extraordinary things that were happening just outside of his doorstep.

One day, Larry stumbled upon a mysterious portal that led to an extraordinary world. He was immediately drawn in by the beauty and strangeness of the place. The inhabitants of this world were unlike anything Larry had ever seen before. They were strange looking creatures with wings and tails, and they talked in a strange language.

Larry was fascinated by this new world and began to explore it more and more. He quickly became friends with the residents of the magical world, and they taught him about their customs and their way of life. Larry quickly realized that he could not return to his world any longer, and he was content to stay in the magical world with his new friends.