Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

As a child, Randy always thought that there was something special about his room. He would spend hours exploring the hidden corners and recesses of the furniture, and the walls seemed to have a life of their own. One day, he found a hidden doorway that lead to a hidden room. Inside, he found a portal that led to a world unlike any he had ever seen before.

The first thing he noticed was the colors. Everything was a deep, rich hue, and the air was warm and comfortingly soft. The second thing he noticed was the creatures. They were strange and wondrous, with shapes and forms that he had never imagined possible. He walked through the portal for hours, exploring every inch of the magical world.

Eventually, he grew weary and decided to return home. When he tried to close the portal, he found that it was impossible. The door remained open, inviting him to return any time he wished. Randy never forgot his time in the magical world, and he often dreamed of returning to see it again.