Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Johnny always loved exploring the woods behind his house. He was always on the lookout for new caves or tunnels to discovery. One day, he was poking around a particularly shady corner when he saw something shiny in the darkness. He stepped closer to get a better look and before he knew it, he was through a portal into another world.

Johnny found himself in a mystical forest full of elves, dragons, and magic. He was instantly enchanted by the sights and sounds of the forest. He wandered around for hours, discovering new magical creatures and esoteric ruins. Eventually, he came across a beautiful fairy queen who invited him to her castle.

Johnny was thrilled to finally meet a magical creature that was even more beautiful than the fairy queens he had seen in his backyard before. The fairy queen told him that he could stay in her castle for as long as he liked, but he had to return home the same way he had arrived. Johnny was so excited to tell his parents about his adventure that he forgot all about how to get back home.

A week later, Johnny’s parents found him lying on the ground, exhausted and starving, outside their house. They asked him what had happened and Johnny told them about his magical adventure. His parents were surprised but happy that he had found something new to explore in the woods.