Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

When Jesse woke up on that fateful morning, he had no idea that he would be changing his life forever. His normal routine consisted of waking up early, going to work, and coming home to spend time with his wife and kids. That all changed when he stumbled upon a strange portal in his backyard.

Initially, Jesse was skeptical of the portal. After all, it seemed impossible that something like that could exist. However, after several minutes of concentration, he was able to open the portal. Immediately, he felt an intense energy emanating from within.

Although at first he was afraid, Jesse eventually decided to explore the portal. As he continued to journey through it, he discovered that he was no longer confined to his normal reality. In fact, he found himself in a different world altogether.

Jesse was overwhelmed by the beauty of this new world. He could sense that it was special, and he knew that he had to find out more about it. So, he continued exploring the portal, and eventually he discovered a hidden village.

As he got closer to the village, Jesse could sense that something was wrong. He could feel the energy of fear and anger emanating from the residents, and he knew that something was about to happen.

Just as he was about to enter the village, disaster struck. A massive battle erupted between the villagers and a group of evil monsters. In the midst of the chaos, Jesse was tackled to the ground.

Although he was terrified, Jesse didn’t hesitate to fight back. He used his magical abilities to fight off the monsters, and eventually he emerged victorious.

As he stood up to take a breath, Jesse could see the true extent of the damage that had been done. The village was completely destroyed, and dozens of people were dead.

Although he was heartbroken by what he had witnessed, Jesse knew that he had to continue going to the village to help the people. He knew that they needed him, and he would never stop fighting to protect them.