Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Dave was always fascinated by strange things. Even as a child, he would wander off from his parents and explore the woods behind their house. As he grew older, he became more interested in the paranormal, exploring abandoned houses and caves.

One day, while exploring a cave near his home, Dave stumbled across a small, hidden portal. After peeking through the opening, he saw a beautiful world beyond. To his amazement, the portal led to a portal within a portal, and he could explore each one endlessly.

As he explored, he discovered that the portals led to different parts of the world, including ancient ruins, bustling cities, and wild forests. He began to make frequent visits to the different worlds, and soon he had become a celebrated traveler.

One day, while exploring a newly discovered portal, Dave stumbled across a group of hostile monsters. With scarcely any hope of escape, he fought his way through the creatures, finally emerging victorious.

As he stood up, he noticed something strange: the portal was no longer there. He had been in that world for hours, and he had never noticed it change. In fact, the only thing that had changed was that he had finally faced the monsters and survived.

Dave was never the same after that day. He had become a fearless explorer, always looking for the next new and mysterious portal.