Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Ashton had always been fascinated by magic. He spent hours reading about it in books, and dreamt of discovering a portal to the magical world himself. One day, while out walking, Ashton stumbled upon a small opening in the ground. Inside he found a small, circular room. On the wall was a large, intricate mural. In one corner was a small door. Ashton cautiously approached it, and peered through the crack. What he saw behind the door took his breath away. There was a beautiful, golden palace garden, with ponds and rivers filled with all sorts of colorful fish. Beyond the garden was a vast, blue sky. Ashton realized that this must be the portal to the magical world he had been dreaming of. He cautiously opened the door and stepped through. As he did, the door magically closed behind him. Ashton was now a part of the magical world he had always dreamed of.