Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Dave was cleaning out his old box of toys, when he came across a dusty old toy box that his father had given him when he was a child. Inside were a few old toys, but one in particular caught his eye. It was a small metal box with a red button on top. When Dave pushed the button, a bright light filled the box and he found himself inside a portal. He was in a castle filled with knights and princesses. He could hear their happy laughter and feel their warmth. He was mesmerized by the sight and the sound of the peaceful kingdom, until he heard a booming voice speak from the sky. “Who dares disturb my kingdom?” Dave looked up to see a gigantic dragon descending from the sky. He was terrified, but he didn’t back away. Instead, he stood his ground and said, “I do!” The dragon’s eyes widened in surprise and then his face softened. “You must be the one who discovered the portal, little one. Welcome to my kingdom. I am King Dragon.”