Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Thornton walked into his house after a long day at work, and was greeted by his wife, who asked him how his day was. Thornton told her that it was busy, but that he was glad to be home. As he was getting ready for bed, Thornton’s wife asked him if he had seen anything strange today. Thornton told her that he had noticed a strange portal in his backyard. Thornton’s wife asked him how he knew it was a portal, and Thornton told her that he had felt something strange when he walked through it. Thornton’s wife was interested in finding out more, so Thornton told her about the creatures that he had seen inside the portal. Thornton’s wife was astonished by what he had told her, and she asked him to show her the portal. Thornton’s wife walked through the portal with Thornton, and they emerged in a strange, wild world. They met a group of creatures that were unlike anything that Thornton had ever seen before. Thornton’s wife was frightened by what she had seen, but Thornton was fascinated by the new world that he had discovered. Thornton’s wife told him that she needed to go back home, but Thornton insisted on continuing to explore the strange world that he had found. Thornton’s adventure continued as he ventured further and further into the mysterious world. Eventually, Thornton’s journey led him to a great temple that housed an ancient god. Thornton’s adventure ended there, but the memories of his adventure would stay with him forever.