Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Tanner shifted restlessly in his seat. It had been hours since he and his friends had lost track of time in the dungeon, and he was starting to get a little antsy. He had never felt this way before—like there was something he was missing. Suddenly, he heard a rushing noise and the ground shook. He looked up to see a giant, green portal opening in the wall beside them. The group of students surrounding Tanner gasped and quickly ran into the portal. Tanner hesitated for a moment, before muttering under his breath, “fine, whatever.” He followed the others into the portal.

Tanner soon found himself standing in a lush field. He turned around to see the other students had already disappeared, and was starting to get a little worried. Suddenly, he heard a voice behind him, and turned to see a tall, old man wearing a purple cloak. The old man smiled and picked up a wand from the grass. Tanner’s heart stopped as the old man uttered the spell, and the portal quickly closed behind him.