Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

John had always been fascinated by the idea of magic. He had read about it in magazines and seen movies about wizards and witches, and he was convinced that it was all a complete hoax. But one day, John happened to stumble across a mysterious portal. As he stepped through it, he found himself in a different world, where the people were all magical. John was immediately drawn to this world, and he decided to stay and explore it more.

John quickly became friends with the other magical people in this world, and he even learned how to cast spells himself. He was very happy living in this world, and he never wanted to leave. But one day, John realized that he was missing one important thing: his wife and children.

John began to worry about how he was going to get back home, and he was starting to feel like he was trapped in this magical world. But then, one day, he happened to stumble across a portal back to his own world. He was happy to be back home, but he was also a little sad to have lost the magical life that he had discovered.