Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Tony had always been a skeptic. He had seen the unbelievable things happen in his line of work, but he just couldn’t shake the feeling that there was nothing out there beyond what was possible and observable.

But then he stumbled upon a portal. It was unlike anything he’d ever seen before. It looked like a door in the middle of an empty field. He approached it cautiously, not knowing what would happen if he stepped through.

Suddenly, the portal expanded and Tony found himself in a brand new world. He could see the sky above, filled with brilliant stars. He also saw a beautiful, flowing river in the distance.

Tony felt a sense of wonder wash over him and he couldn’t help but walk down to the river to explore it. As he got closer, he could see that the water was swirling with colors, like a rainbow.

Tony felt like he had found his true home and he never wanted to leave. He spent hours just wandering around the new world, admiring all its beauty.

One day, however, Tony realized that he had forgotten his phone back at the portal. He didn’t want to leave and lose all of his new memories, so he decided to brave the journey back home.

The return trip was a little harder than the trip to the new world, but Tony eventually made it back safely. He realized that he would always remember his enchanted adventure and he would never forget what he had found there.