Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Peter had always been fascinated by the internet, but he had never before discovered a portal to another world. As he peered into the swirling, brightly lit portal, he felt a sudden excitement course through him. He knew this was something he had to explore.

He stepped through and was instantly transported to a beautiful, mystical world. The colors were spectacular, and the air was warm and humid. Peter felt a sense of excitement and wonderment as he walked through the portal.

He continued exploring the world, and soon he found a magical cave. Inside, he found an amazing treasure trove of magical items. Peter was filled with joy as he tucked away each precious item in his backpack.

As he was leaving the cave, he suddenly felt a sense of dread. He realized that he had left his backpack at the cave entrance. He would have to return to get it later.

However, as he was walking back through the portal, he realized he could easily teleport back to the cave. He would just have to be careful not to leave his backpack behind on the other side.

This was the beginning of a fantastic journey that Peter would never forget. He would explore more of the magical world, and he would find even more wonderful treasures.