Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

John was leading a relatively normal life, until one day he discovered a magical portal. After exploring its depths, John found himself in another world. The first thing he did was explore the town and find a job. He quickly befriended the other residents and found they were all very friendly. John loved his new life and was quickly enjoying all the new adventures he was experiencing. One day, he met a girl named Sarah who asked him to help her find her way home. After following her through the portal, John found himself in another part of the world. He followed Sarah until they reached a castle. After escaping the castle, John found himself back in his world. He had a lot to tell Sarah about his new world and the amazing adventures he had experience, but he never got the chance. Sarah never returned to John’s world and he never knew what happened to her. But he always remembered the wonderful times he spent with her and how much fun he had in his new world.