Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Gabriel had always been a curious man. He loved learning about new things, and discovering new secrets. So when he found a portal that led to another world, he was ecstatic. He stepped through and found himself in a beautiful forest. He walked for hours, exploring the different pathways and passages until he came across a large, flowing river.

He decided to take a swim. When he got into the water, he felt a strange sense of peace wash over him. He floated on the currents, letting the water take him wherever it wanted. He floated downstream until he came to a large waterfall. He walked to the edge and looked down. The falls looked so peaceful and majestic. He could feel the water streaming over his body, cooling him down.

Suddenly, the water started to turn red. Gabriel looked up and saw a giant dragon flying overhead. The dragon lowered its head and breathed a stream of fire onto the falls. Gabriel could feel his body starting to burn, but he didn’t care. In that moment, he realized that this was a sacred place. This was where the gods lived.

And Gabriel was one of them.