Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Dave was always interested in the old legends and myths. He had always thought they were just stories to keep children from being afraid at night, but as he got older, he started to believe that there might be some truth to them. One night, Dave had been sitting at home on the couch, flipping through TV channels when he came across a show about a portal. The show described how a portal could be used to travel to different dimensions. As Dave watched, he started to feel an excitement in his heart. The show made him believe that he could find this portal and travel to different places. The next night, Dave set out to find the portal. He spent hours walking around town, but he couldn’t find anything that looked like it could be a portal. In his frustration, Dave decided to head home. As he was walking through the door, he heard a strange noise. He turned around and saw a strange creature standing in the doorway. The creature was about three feet tall with a head that looked like it was made out of metal. The creature was staring at Dave with its creepy eyes. Before Dave knew it, the creature had attacked him. Dave fought back with all he had, but it was no use. The creature was too strong. As Dave lay on the ground, the creature walked away, leaving him for dead. Dave later found out that the creature was a servant of the demon lord, and it had been sent to take him to the portal. Dave survived the attack, but he was injured in the process. As a result, Dave lost his leg. But Dave never forgot what he had seen that night. The experience had made him believe that the legends were real. And ever since, he has been searching for the portal to find new and exciting adventures.