Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

The man had been looking for years, ever since he had first discovered the portal. He was sure it existed, and that it would lead him to great riches. He had spent countless hours in search of it, and had finally found it. He stepped through the portal, and found himself in a new world. In this world, there was no darkness, no cold. It was a bright and beautiful place. The man was confused at first, but he soon discovered that he could use his magic to transform himself into whatever he wanted. He could be a dragon, or a superhero. He could be anything he wanted, and he was happy. The man stayed in this magical world for years, never returning to the real world. He was happy in his new world, and he didn’t want to leave. But one day, something happened that changed everything. The man found himself alone in his magical world, and he couldn’t transform himself back into his human form. He was stranded in this new world, without any way to return home. The man was scared, and he didn’t know how to survive in this new world. But then, he remembered his magical portal. He could still use it to return home, if he found it. The man began to search for the portal, and he finally found it. He stepped through, and was back home again. He was glad to be back, and he never wanted to leave again.