Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Samuel had always been an inquisitive man – he loved to ask questions and learn new things. So when he was younger, he was always fascinated by the stories his friends would tell him about magic and the supernatural.

One day, while he was out fishing with his friends, they happened to come across a strange portal. When they went to explore it, they found themselves transported to a mysterious realm.

As they walked through the portal, they saw strange creatures and magical creatures roaming around. They also saw an incredible waterfall that looked like it was made out of crystal.

After exploring the realm for a while, the friends decided to head back home. But when they got back to Samuel’s house, they found that the portal was gone.

Samuel was amazed by what he had seen and he was curious to learn more about the realm and the creatures that lived there. He decided to research the portal and the realm that he had visited, and he eventually found out that the portal was a portal to the mythical land of Faerie.