Prompt: Latest technology news summary

1. Apple releases new watchOS 5 software

Apple released its new watchOS 5 software update for its Apple watches. The update includes a number of new features, including a new watch face for the Apple Watch Series 3, support for wireless charging, and updated workouts.

2. Samsung announces Galaxy S10

Samsung announced the Galaxy S10, its newest smartphone. The Galaxy S10 is the first phone from Samsung to feature a foldable display. The phone also includes a new camera system, artificial intelligence, and more.

3. Facebook announces Messenger Lite

Facebook announced Messenger Lite, a new app designed for low-memory devices. Messenger Lite includes all the features of the full Messenger app, but is limited to a 20,000 message limit.

4. Google unveils Duplex

Google unveiled Duplex, a new AI assistant that can make calls on your behalf. Duplex can talk to people on the phone like a human, and can even understand natural language.

5. Ford unveils new self-driving vehicle

Ford announced a new self-driving vehicle that it is working on with Google. The car is designed to be able to drive on any type of road, and includes a number of new features, including a modular design that allows for faster development.