Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

John had always been a curious man. He had always been drawn to the unknown, and the prospect of finding something new and exciting had always been a major draw for him. So when he discovered a magical portal while out hiking one day, he couldn’t resist exploring it further.

When he stepped through, he found himself in a completely different world. The differences were so dramatic, it was almost like he had traveled to a different planet. He saw towering castles and lush jungles, and everything felt so new and exciting.

He stayed there for hours, exploring every corner of the realm. Eventually, he realized he needed to come back home, but he wasn’t ready to leave this amazing place. He wanted to explore it all further, and he knew he would eventually be able to return.

Every day, he looked forward to going through the portal and exploring the new world that had been revealed to him. It was like a portal into a completely new life, and he loved every minute of it.