Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Rupert had always been fascinated by the strange things that happened in the woods near his home. One night, while out walking, he discovered a strange portal that led to a different world. Upon entering, Rupert found himself in a fantastical landscape full of towering mountains, rushing rivers, and vast forests. He soon discovered that he could travel to this world at will using the portal.

Rupert quickly became fascinated by the otherworldly creatures he encountered. He saw a colossal beast that resembled a dragon, and a tribe of wild people who looked like they had stepped out of a fairy tale. One day, he met a beautiful woman who identified herself as a fairy. She showed him a beautiful land ruled by a king who was far more enlightened than his subjects. Rupert was thrilled to have found another place where people were kind and caring, and he decided to make this his new home.