Prompt: Daily water conservation tip

Water Conservation Tip Number One

Water your lawn only when necessary. Trying to water your lawn every day can quickly become a drain on your water supply, especially in hot weather. Unless there is an extreme drought or you are using a water-saving irrigation system, aim for watering your lawn two to four times a week.

Water Conservation Tip Number Two

Turn off the water when brushing your teeth, washing your face, or bathing. These small tasks can use up a surprising amount of water.

Water Conservation Tip Number Three

Don’t over water plants. Putting too much water into a plant can lead to root rot and a reduction in plant health. When watering plants, aim to use a ratio of one part water to three parts soil.

Water Conservation Tip Number Four

Save water by using a watering can with a shut-off nozzle. This prevents water from flowing unnecessarily while you are watering your plants.